Zevalin or bendamustine

I have just been diagnosed with relapsed NHL, grade 3a, stage IIa, after 2 years of remission following R-CHOP and radiotherapy. My oncologist has suggested rituximab with bendamustine or zevalin as an alternative to going straight to salvage/DHAP/auto stem cell transplant as there is only a small amount of cancer returned. Does anyone have any experience of either of these or any thoughts on not going straight to stem cell transplant. I’m 46 and otherwise in very good health.

Hi, am guessing you have fnhl ? it is important you are disease free when you start the sct process other wise you run an increased risk of the transplant failing/relapsing. Do not know alot about zevalin so cannot comment on the difference between the options but patients these days often start with B & R rather than rchop, its better tolerated by many and has fewer side effects and given you have had rchop, its likely you cannot have it again as you will have had your quota.
good luck with the treatment and ask lots of questions

Thanks John, I have fNHL but with a diffuse element, which is why I was treated as if it was dlbcl when I was diagnosed in 2011. I think BR is suggested as it is not cross resistant to the CHOP. Seems to be as good or better than R-CHOP as first line treatment so thinking of going for that to try to get a reasonable remission before sct as potential 3rd line treatment. Still waiting for bone marrow results to confirm not in my marrow or this would mean going straight to sct after chemo.

Hi again, I do know a little about Zevalin, but not by that name, I researched it for a family friend who’s mother had relapsed mantle cell and it certainly is proving to be a good treatment with 70% of patients who received achieving remission and it appears they are starting to use it with relapsed lymphoma’s and showing positive signs. So it may be they are considering giving you something that is still classed as new in this country but well used in others.
I would be having an in depth discussion to enable you to make an informed decision and check some of the research findings from the studies that have been reported on.
Here’s to a positive outcome for you.

Am wondering if anyone is living with Ibrutinib and what their experience is with it? My husband was diagnosed in 2011 with MCL; Had RCHOP followed by 2 years Rituximab maintenance and then 15 months remission. Last year had radiotherapy on enlarged neck nodes and now waiting for results of eyelid biopsy…It will be his decision of course but Ibrutinib creeps into the conversation quite regularly now and am wondering how people get on with it…