Started Treatment On Thursday

Hi All,

So that’s me started my first of three cycles of retuximab along with gemcitabine and cisplatin. Feeling a bit wiped out today but guess that’s normal! If my tumour shows signs of decrease I will then move onto radiotherapy followed by an auto stem sell transplant.

Has anyone experience of this particular regime and if so, are symptoms likely to last several days? In addition, once my taste buds recover would I be allowed a few glasses of red wine? Daft question but I love relaxing with a glass of red!

I’m trying hard to eat a low calorie no sugar diet to see if this speeds up tumour decrease.

Any past experiences would be much appreciated.


Ps - I’m back on day 8 for another gemcitabine cycle.

Hi Ross, was wondering how you were getting on and what happened on Thursday, the are a few on here who have had SCT but the is a more active group on the macmillan site call stem cell transplants for blood cancers and if you are looking for advice and support thats a good place to start. Not had the Gem or cisplatin but I believe the cisplatin can be rough. Some who have had the gem on its own which relapsed HL have said it was not to bad and you know about R and its side effects.

hope it goes smoothly and its not long to the cell harvest, thats straight forward, sitting in a chair having your blood filtered.


Thanks John for your reply and advice.

I feel absolutely wiped out from this first round of chemo and can’t believe how dizzy & generally unwell I am compared to the RCHOP. Perhaps I’ve just blocked those horrid side effects from my mind 6 years back.

The good news is my tumour seems to have practically dissappeared to the touch, although I’m sure the scan would still show up a mass. Least it’s shrinking.

I’m hoping the next day or two gets me through the worst of the chemo side effects and as you say, having GEM on its own on day 8 will be far easier.

I may ask my consultant if they’d consider only two cycles of this before stem cell if the tumour shows signs of shrinking.


Hi, I see you have joined the group, and that mommy has replied she has a wealth of knowledge and experienced due to her daughter having an auto and then an all. Good the drugs are working so lets hope this is the start of beating the beast for a second time.