Relapse of DLBCL after stem cell transplant almost 4 years ago

Does anyone have experience of what happens when DLBCL relapses again after nearly 4 years after autologous stem cell transplant? Are there any treatment options?

Hi Alison, sorry to read you have relapsed, yes the are still options the 2 that come to mind are an allo transplant where you get donor cells and they would have to search the registers and test family members if they were willing to donate to find a match. Or the is the new Car-t cell treatment which has recently been licensed in this country and is offered in London UCL I think and The Christie in Manchester, the may be others and it may be worth ringing the helpline here at LA to fond out more. Both come with risks but certainly worth discussing with you consultant.


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Hi John. Thank you for the information. It is actually my husband who has relapsed, I didn’t make that clear. I will investigate your suggestions and phone the helpline. Thank you so much.

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