Relapse also looking for ADVICE

Hi there,
A bit of background information before I ask questions: I’m 19 years old and was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma Jan 2016 and underwent 5 cycles of ABVD treatment. I finished treatment in June 2016 and was in complete remission. I recently found out that the lymphoma has returned and doctors are recommending 2 cycles of ICE treatment, with a stem cell collection, then 6 days of BEAM followed by the stem cell transplant. I am yet to start this treatment…
I just wanted to ask if anyone is/has been in the same boat as me or if anyone has gone through this treatment and just what some side effects were?
Much appreciated! Thank you!

Also just wanted to add this subject line! Also wondering if there is anyone out there who has considered alternative therapies such as natural before going ahead with conventional treatment? Thank you!