Relapse after 4 years- Anxious

In 2009, 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Unfortunately, I had Non-Hodgkin as well as Hodgkin Lymphoma. First, in 2010, I had ABVD and then in 2012 high dose chemotherapy and Autologous Stem Cell transplant. Since 2012, I have been in remission and good health. I built up my physical strength, so I used to cycle 50 km, at least once a week.

Two months ago, I found a lump under my armpit. My GP wasn’t overly worried (I trust my GP). However, I contacted my oncologist, and had biopsy as well as a CAT scan. Both biopsy and CAT scan, found nothing. Biopsy confirmed that there is no NHL, but cannot rule out HL. CAT scan found no inflation in abdomen or neck. Now, I am waiting for a PET scan.

I am anxious. Not sure whether these tests would identify anything. Is there any form of Lymphoma that cannot be diagnosed with biopsy, CAT or PET scans?

Anyone, with more knowledge?

how did your pet scan come out? I have concerns for myself as well…with nothing showing up on my ct’s…