Relapse after 13 Years

I posted in the HL category, when it probably should of went here (Newbie mistake). My BF was just told he has relapsed after 13 years. Anyone else go this long before a relapse? They said biopsy showed Classical HL Nodular Sclerosis type AND characteristics of another type "Anaplastic Large Cell (which I’m reading is NHL)… Bendamustine and Brentuximab are in his future. First treatment is Tuesday… right after we get the results of the PET/CT Scan… and they tell us the extent of the recurrence.

I relapsed after 12 years - Large B Cell lymphoma. Although it was cutaneous this time as opposed to lymphatic system last time. I’ve just gone through high dose chemo and stem cell transplant - so far so good.


Sorry to hear about your relapse. My BF will be going into cycle 3 on March 6th. Then a slew of tests followed by the autologous stem cell transplant. He just had an allergic reaction to dose 1 of cycle 2… so he never got dose2 of cycle 2… I don’t know how that’s going to affect everything. There are some ppl who do well with chemo. He’s unfortunate… he’s had set back after set back. Glad you are doing so well! Keep on keeping on!