Problems with RE-SHAP

Hi … I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma in 2016. Received radiotherapy …year later R.Bendamustine.One year later high grade transformation . Previously very fit.
Just had 2 cycles of R-Chop and 1 cycle of RE-SHAP …I did not cope psychologically with the hospital stay …had a complete meltdown…so now my second cycle has been postponed while a scan is completed …now waiting another month to find out what is happening …I was supposed to be having auto stem cell transplant… I feel such a failure …any comments on how people coped with re -shap …I am usually pretty strong mentally.

Hi Jane, sorry to read you are struggling and your not a failure, treatment is hard and each of us react differently to it, I have not had a sct and the are not many if any on the site who have been down that road. The is a very good supportive SCT group on the macmillan site here is the link:
You will receive all the support and advice you need there as the are a few who post regularly who have had transplants and CAR-T treatment, have you had a good chat with your specialist nurse to see if anything can be done differently to help.

Let us know how it goes or see you on the Mac site


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