i think ive relapsed

I went into remission aug 17 after 6 rounds of Rchop I also had 3 rounds of methotrexate and 15 sessions of radiotherapy to breast as my NHL was extranodal primary breast DLBCL of the breast past 6 weeks ive had swollen abdomen higher abdominal pain lower and upper back pain itching sweating loss of appetite was admitted last week by gp ? Relapse was put on surgical assessment ward not oncology as GP requested had ct scan which showed lymph node in abdomen which will be reviewed by oncologist on 5/3/18 appointment I already had for follow up it seems ages away and I can’t help worrying has anyone relapsed from DLBCL so quickly if I have what will happen next TIA

Hi, you can ask your GP to follow up on the scan and get the results so that you know whether the worry of relapse is real or not as the report will be written within 3 days. Once you know that then you will know what to expect at the meeting on the 5th.

If and its important not to get ahead of yourself, the are further treatments you can have and its likely they will talk about and auto stem cell transplant which is where you get your own stem cells back.

Do you still have your specialist nurse contact if you are in the UK? if so give them a call.


Hi All I’ve just finished 3 years of chemotherapy and feeling very low mood did one year of chemotherapy in pick line also got to do xxu xxxx

Sorry didn’t finish above message also done 2 years maintenance finished all treatment April 2018 feeling very anxious etc about if it returns xx

can i ask did you change your diet since treatment completion.
i finish my chemotherapy in 3 weeks time, lymphoma stage 4.
i know chemo is a blunt tool, fixes the effect. but what about the cause.
this is what i am doing , stop all meat,milk cheese any animal protein as animal protein above 10% of dietary calorific needs can feed cancer

my chats with oncologist give no feedback or advice on what i should do after chemotherapy, i was overweight and diabetic, now insulin normal

hope all is better news for you

Hi. Our forum is here to support individuals affected by a diagnosis of lymphoma. While we encourage people to share their personal experiences, please be aware that posts are just that: someone’s individual experience. So what works for one person - such as following a particular diet - may not work for others. We have some general information on our website about diet, which you can find here

could you point me to it, for some reason new website is difficult to navigate


Hi. The link was included included in the post above under the word here but unfortunately, it doesn’t show as a different colour for some reason and therefore not very clear. Apologies for that. I’ve included the link here for you: https://lymphoma-action.org.uk/about-lymphoma-living-lymphoma/diet-and-nutrition

thank you