HELP! no answers! terrified and fustrated

In 2008 I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 2 B cell and I went through treatment and luckily got through it and now In 2017 I have a lump in the same place that my last large lump was and its giving me all the same symptoms.

Enlarged lymph nodes 12mm


Sweating and chills

Night sweats

Weight loss

Fatigue (extreme tiredness)

Swollen abdomen (belly)

Feeling full after only a small amount of food

Chest pain or pressure

Shortness of breath or cough.

I have also been to the doctor and ended up changing practices as the doctor I first saw and bought up reoccurance, laughed at my face and basically disregarded everything.

I have now moved doctors and they still arent taking me very seriously, i get that “you’ve had treatment and its not common for it to come back” They try and use the arguments that my bloods arent showing huge spikes even though before getting diagnosed last time my blood work, and fine needle aspiration biopsies came back CLEAR!! it wasnt until my mother pushed them to remove the large egg sized lump behind my ear that they found it! my body hides alot! and my bloods are always going up and down showing immflamation and infection etc then going normal and then coming back. Now my last blood tests have come back with a High ESR level which I have read and talked to people who have also had a similar experience as me (clear tests) and they had their ESR come back high and then they were diagnosed again. I am tired of battling with the doctors when something wrong is going on I can feel it, I have a hard time getting through everyday. its been pain and issues and effects from chemo 10 years every single day and no one is taking me seriously or looking into it.

i was hoping someone out there has had a similar expereience and can give me some advice and tell me their stories. Please. I sit up researching other peoples reoccurence stories and they all seem similar all tests come back clear and by the time the doctors listen and actually help they are in stages 3 and it is advanced.

Thanks guys sorry for the long winded post!


Sorry to hear about your current situation and the hassle you’ve had from you GP. I also had NHL diffused large b cell stage 4 in 2009 and it took 6 months before my doctor took me seriously. After 4 rounds of RCHOP and 30 rounds of radiotherapy I went into remission.

Unfortunately four weeks back I found a very large swelling under my left armpit. My new doctor (moved town) took it very seriously and sent me direct to A&E. CT scan following week, biopsy week after and news that it has return last week. I’m currently awaiting my treatment plan.

My advice is go directly back to your haematology secretary and leave a message of your concerns. My consultant sent me a letter within days of being at A&E to reassure me she was onto my case.

I hope this is good news and not a relapse.


Ps - I had NO other symptoms other than this lump.