CNS Lymphoma

My mother passed with CNS Lymphoma. She was 85 but very independent mowed her own grass and took complete care of herself. We were involved in a rear end collision and she bumped her head. In less than 2 weeks she had paralysis on her right side. It took almost 2 months to diagnosis her Lymphoma. They continued to act as though she was old and had a stroke. She passed Sept. 22nd totally dependant on my care. It was heart reaching to watch such a strong independent woman become so completely helpless. Has any one else had this show up do to a bump on the head. Her problems were caused by the swelling around the tumor. I had a healthy entergetic mother prior to this accident. I am struggling with this loss. She was a trouper and agreed to treatment but that seems to be what helped take her so quickly. She was only home 2 days from chemo when she passed.

Hi Yed62

I’m so sorry to you have lost your mum :frowning:

It sounds a terrible shock to have had. Maybe the diagnosis was coincidence - did she have a CT scan which picked up something unexpected in the brain? It sounds as if the tumour was there, and exacerbated by swelling in the brain from the collision? It also sounds as if you’re really searching for answers to something that may not be known, and I understand this, as there was nothing to indicate a problem before this.

My mum died after some battles with cancer aged 65, but the final one was another primary and it was this. She battled for months, and was also totally dependent, after being a very independent person. For some time steroids supressed the swelling, and radiotherapy prolonged her life a bit, but I’m afraid that she succumbed to this illness. Perhaps the stage your mum was already at when she had this accident hastened what was already happening?

This is a horrible situation, but again, I can only say, perhaps it was all a bad coincidence, and the accident showed up, or exacerbated, what was already an advanced condition. In that case (and there’s no standard staging for this), perhaps it’s only a matter of a couple of months for some people where their cancer is rapidly advancing - and with PCNSL, I’m sad to say, the prognosis is particularly poor for older patients

Again, I am so sorry :frowning:

Thank you. I am just struggling with the feeling the accident just hastened the problem. I understand her advanced age was a factor in the treatments not working. I was just not prepared to lose her yet. Thanks again for your thoughts.