A little confused...

My BF and NHL 13 years ago. Recently Lymphoma came back. They said it’s “NLPHL” now. (could of been that 13 years ago too, who knows… they couldn’t find his specimin from that long ago… they said the way they test lymphoma has improved) Anyhow, typically NLPHL is like an indolent lymphoma (grows slow). but… my BF had a clear chest x ray in May and then a 12 CM tumor in August… so, I don’t even know if the doctors know what type he has, but… he ahd Brentuximab and Bendamustine (which they stopped due to an infusion reaction), so then a scan showed he still had metabolic activity above and below the diaphram… so they gave him one dose of Etoposide. Then 4 days alter, he collected 24 million stem cells in ONE day… so he was done collecting for the week. Then onto the BEAM therapy… today is his day of rest, and tomorrow is the transplant… my question is this…

Is Autograph or Allograft better? Can this still come back a 3rd time? I thought this was the cure… and now I’m reading some people who had it come back? I guess you can never say never, but… I was hoping that the SCT was a cure.

Also, is there anyone out there who has gone thru the Autologous Stem Cell transplant and would like to share their experiences? I’m told my BF will be in for 3 weeks. he’s already been there 1 week… two more to go (or until his blood work is good enough). How is the at home recovery? he’s a commercial electrician by trade (heavy lifting and exhausting work)… will he be able to work again?

So many questions… I’m sorry

He had Nodular Schlerosis Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 13 years ago, and now they say he has Nodular Lymphocyte Predominate Hodgkin’s Lymphoma… I’m not sure I posted it correctly up there

Angie, I would post these questions in this group on the macmillan site its more active than here, link below


The short answer is yes it can always return and the transplant experience is like chemo we each react differently and some escape hospital early others struggle to get their neutraphil count up to 1.
The key is that treatment works and they still have options should it return again.

Do post on the mac site there are some well informed folk their and currently a couple are going through transplants now who are posting, they have mantle cell lymphoma which is a NHL type.

hope this helps